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Aeson Kassiopei, Imperial Crown Prince of Imperial Atlantida. Command Pilot ICS2. Astra Daimon.

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Had his eighteenth (Atlantean Birthday) in October 2046

His Atlantean Birthday is 21 day Blue Amrevet (Atlantean year unknown)

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Aeson is rescued by Gwen in a terrorist attack and he arrests her because he does not believe her story.

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Aeson was cause for Logan and Gwen's break-up. Aeson chooses Gwen as his Imperial Bride.

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Gwen Lark: Imperial Bride and Consort Manala Kassiopei: Sister, Imperial Princess of Atlantida George Lark: Brother-in-law

Gracie Lark: Sister-in-law

Gordie Lark: Brother-in-law

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"You ask why we are required to fight?"

"In Atlantis, we believe in taking responsibility for ourselves. As you learn to fight, you learn to defend yourself from physical harm. You acquire a powerful self-preserving skill set, and a specific attitude. This attitude carries across to other aspects of your life. So that you can defend yourself from other less tangible but far more dangerous things that can break you - not just your body, but your spirit. Things such as deception, corruption, disparagement, coercion, false accusation and persecution. Subtle evil things that undermine you. And if you can maintain the inner ability to defend yourself against influence, you can build a purpose in your life that no one can take away from you."

"In Atlantis, we believe that purpose is the most important virtue. You can lose your freedom, your health, your honor, everything you love and care about. And yet, if you still have your purpose, you have lost nothing."

"Does that answer your question?" (Chapter 8 Qualify- last pages)

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