The Atlantis Grail Wiki

amrevet - love

amreve - lover

amrevu - beloved

ankhurat - aka Ankh, the Life Giver; fighter spacecraft; biggest, heaviest fighter; one hundred personnel crew plus six Pilots; intended for boarding other vessels; six heavy-caliber plasma guns and ten missiles

ardukat - fighter spacecraft; two-person fighter with Pilot and Co-Pilot working together; four guns on board, both fine-focus burst and wide scatter-burst firing capability; most common type of fighter in SPC Fleet

astra daimon - the best of the best in the Fleet

Atlantida - Atlantis

bakvi - two-pronged deep spoon used for soup

chazuf - Atlantean swear word

depet - boat, also refers to Atlantean spaceships such as velo-cruisers and small fighters

Depet-Ra - designation of the battle barge that carries the Fleet Commander

guu - Atlantean fish, eaten in a sushi-like roll

hetep-nete - goodbye

im amrevu - my beloved

im nefira - my beauty

im saai - my children

im sen-i-senet -

khepri - fighter spacecraft; four-Pilot team fighter; attack bomber for major targets; four guns, uses heavy-caliber artillery, able to eject plasma at a higher density from multiple thick nozzles in each gun; equipped with four guided missiles and armed probes

kipt - stirring stick

lvikao - Atlantean hot drink, similar to Earth coffee

mafdet - aka Needle of Justice; fighter spacecraft; solo fighter, lightest, smallest, and most agile for air-to-air combat; only the most experienced Pilots are permitted to fly them; two guns, firing capability front and back, uses fine focused plasma bursts for strafing.

maqooi - Atlantean fish, its eggs are eaten on flatbread

Mar-Yan - The Rider

medoi - type of fruit

nefero eos - good morning

nefero dea - good afternoon

nefero niktos - good night

nikkari - thick, green algae-looking juice that tastes delicately sweet, like watermelon-ambrosia.

noohd - cosmetic like lipstick

Orahemai -

Pharikoneon - Imperial Throne Hall

qvaali - plum-colored fizzy drink reminiscent of a cross between weakly brewed Earth beer and fruit juice, with an aroma like hops, wheat, and raspberries. It is mildly alcoholic.

saai - children

Saret-i-xerera - verbal salute

scolariat - class

sebasaret - command ship carriers for ranking officers, military personnel, and other vessels; can be used as transports and command centers; have weapons capability, but no guns, only guided missiles; can fit different combinations of fighter ships inside each fighter bay

sukrat - Atlantean fish, eaten grilled

varoite - sweet-sour-savory noodle and greens dish

vati impero pharikone - imperial aides

viatoios - body armor material

wesekh - wide, heavy gold color reminiscent of Ancient Egypt

wixameret - welcome