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Correctors are members of the Legal and Correctional Agency (LCA) - the de facto law-enforcement organization for Imperial Atlantida (and during the Earth Mission, representing all such Atlantean efforts on Earth). Correctors possess much wider authority to act in situations than their counterpart Gebi law-enforcement agencies (due to the lack of basic and enumerated rights allowed to non-Citizens, as opposed to those enjoyed by the citizens of many Earth nations).

Because of their status, Correctors also seem to possess either diplomatic immunity (in regards to any legal matters dealing with Atlantean affairs (as such, the mandate of the LCA seems similar to that of the Canadian Special Intelligence Service (CSIS) in the wide amount of latitude they are empowered with to act in the interests of their world), or the Atlantean facilities on Earth (such as the Regional Qualification Centers and the National Qualification Centers) were granted extraterritoriality by the United Nations. (Because of their mandate placing both law-enforcement and the court system in the same organization, Correctors could also be seen as a less ferocious counter to the Judges of the 'Judge Dredd' properties.

Correctors (they are also known as 'Correctional Officers') seem to possess stated influence and duties that make them appear to be the counterparts to Special Agents of the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation (or FBI). Correctors are shown to be assigned criminal cases such as terrorism, sedition, murder, smuggling and attempted assassination. In addition, Correctors also act in intelligence and counter-intelligence roles, and can be assigned to act as interrogators when necessary.

In addition to the standard roles of the Correctors, there is a naval branch of the organization. Known as the Coastal Correctors, these individuals are shown to act in a similar manner to the United States Coast Guard (acting in both military/defensive and law-enforcement roles).

The Correctors have no prejudicial attitudes when it comes to selecting potential members, and will select Atlantean or Gebi personnel for duty. Logan Sangre was recruited for Corrector duty during the Earth Mission's return flight to Atlantis, a position he has distinguished himself in.

The head of the LCA holds the rank/title of Arch Corrector.