The Atlantis Grail Wiki

Twelve Forms of Er-Du[]

Floating Swan (First Form, balanced resting state)

Striking Snake (Second Form, focused intense strikes)

Spinning Wind (Third Form, fast spin, light evasive motion)

Spinning Water (Fourth Form, slow spin, high force strike)

Bristling Fish (Fifth Form, low crouch, strike as you rise)

Flowing Fire (Sixth Form, rapid hand strike volley)

Running Scarab (Seventh Form, shielding defensive motion)

Kicking Horse (Eighth Form, roundhouse kicks, with or without back-flip combo)

Weaving Spider (Ninth Form, Yellow Quadrant specialty, medium crouch, complex finger motion to imitate weaving)

Cutting Fang (Tenth Form, Red Quadrant Specialty, hand motion to imitate cutting)

Shooting Star (Eleventh Form, Blue Quadrant Specialty, hand flinging of projectile bladed weapons)

Shielding Stone (Twelfth Form, Green Quadrant Specialty, low crouch, complex hand and arm motions to create full-body shield from all external blows)

Form Salute of Atlantida[]

Step One: Step with right foot to the side, widen stance. Bring two fists together, knuckles touching, arms bent at chest level.

Step Two: Open fists, palms facing out. Touch the tip of the thumb and index finger of one hand to the corresponding other so that the empty space between the two hands form a triangle.

Step Three: Bring the two palms together, thumbs still away from other fingers at an angle. Draw the "praying" hands toward you, so the thumbs touch the chest. At the same time bend your head down so that the fingertips touch your forehead. Bend the knees, maintaining the wide stance.

Step Four: Separate the hands, lifting them outward into a sweeping arc. Return hands, palms down against your sides. Straighten your knees, as you bring the right leg back in, feet together.