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Gwenevere "Gwen" Lark is the main protagonist of the Atlantis Grail series by Vera Nazarian. She, along with two of her other siblings Gracie and Gordie, Qualified and were admitted onto Atlantis. On Atlantis, she competed in the Games of the Atlantis Grail and won in the Vocalist Category. She has an extremely powerful Logos Voice and is soon to be the Imperatris of Atlantis, being the Imperial Bride and Consort of Aeson Kassiopei.

Her Quadrant is Yellow, and she is an official Citizen of Atlantis. On Earth, she lived in the state of Vermont.

Her nickname is Shoelace Girl.


Gwen is the oldest daughter and second child of four (George, Gwenevere, Gordon, and Grace) born to Charles and Margot Lark. Gwen is also known as Gee Two (to her siblings). After a physical training session with Xelio, in which she quickly used her shoelaces to create a cord (as cords are one of the two primary weapons used by those affiliated with the Yellow Quadrant) Gwen was dubbed 'Shoelace Girl' by her younger brother Gordon. This nickname would follow her all the way to Atlantis, and become one of the terms she was known by to the general population of that world.

Gwen is 5'9 and slim, with long, dark brown hair and blue eyes. She also has a well-developed bosom, as she recalls her mother's mention that she is growing out of a C-cup brassiere and will need to go to a D-cup soon. Despite her lack of self-awareness (and in fact, her belief otherwise), Gwen is a very attractive young woman who has attracted the attention of some of the most eligible men in the series. (A better example of her attractiveness was provided due to the backward compliment about her appearance by the Imperator, who referred to her as 'mildly pretty', and attractive enough to catch the eye of Aeson Kassopei. Considering the beauty demonstrated my the majority of the Atlantean women in the series, to have any sort of positive compliment of a Gebi female's attractiveness by an Atlantean male is a major compliment.)

Gwen is an incredibly intelligent young woman In addition, she consistently displays an inherent skill for operating well under extreme pressure in even life-threatening situations, and for displaying unconventional tactics and developing such strategies in those situations. (These are qualities that make her a textbook candidate for the Atlantean Yellow Quadrant.)

In her early years (and in fact, during the first few weeks of training at Regional Qualification Center Three), Gwen displayed a tendency towards physical ineptitude (she was referred to as 'clumsy'). This was due to a number of factors - most notably discomfort towards her physical appearance (exacerbated by the high levels of bullying that she was subject to) and her own feelings of inadequacy in relation to students that she felt were more attractive and talented than she was. Gwen's clumsiness lessened and then disappeared as she gained greater sense of self-confidence and well-being (brought on by physical training through Qualification); this included her discovery of an innate skill for martial arts - in particular, her aptitude for the Atlantean martial art of Er-Du.

Because of her residual sense of discomfort towards her appearance, Gwen still has a reticent attitude towards any form of overtly fashionable or regal clothing choices, preferring more sensible and plain clothing options. However, when she is called to dress in more fashionable attire, she is capable of wearing such outfits in a manner that vastly enhances her beauty and sexual allure (to the point of being seen as unattainable, in the eyes of some men).


During the Preliminaries, Gwen, like many others, was confused by the strange nature of the test. It is believed that she did well on the general knowledge test portion because of her intelligence, and she was Preliminary-Qualified just like the rest of her siblings. At the Pennsylvania Regional Qualification Center, she was assigned to the Yellow Quadrant in Dormitory Eight. During this time, she met Laronda Aimes who soon became a good friend of hers and was later transported to Atlantis with her.

On the first day of classes, Gwen had Agility first. She did badly because of her clumsiness and earned two demerits. However, she did okay on the hoverboard portion. She met Blayne Dubois, who was generally unfriendly at first but warmed up to her and Laronda. She also did poorly in Combat, where she met Aeson Kassiopei who was then known as simply Aeson Kass. That night, in the dormitory, she was tormented by a few girls who took a disliking to her for no reason, but managed to defend herself and get away, and then reached Gracie's Red dorm where she met Logan Sangre and a few other Reds. She and Logan got along well, sparking the start of their temporary relationship.

The next day during her Culture class, Gwen learned that if they Qualified they would not be Citizens and would therefore have a low class. She also learned about the Games of the Atlantis Grail.


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Her motivations were to qualify for Atlantis, taking her 2 brothers Gordon and George and her little sister Gracie along with her. Their mother, Margot Lark was dying of cancer, and needed the high tech Atlantean medical supplies to survive.


Aeson Kassiopei: Gwen's training commander, the Imperial Prince of Atlantida, with whom she begins a relationship at the end of Compete when he announces her as his bride.

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