Gwenevere (Gwen) Lark - aka Gee Two. Yellow Quadrant

George Lark - aka Gee One. Green Quadrant

Gordon (Gordie) Lark - aka Gee Three. Blue Quadrant

Grace (Gracie) Lark - aka Gee Four. Red Quadrant

Margot Lark - Mother of George, Gwen, Gordie and Grace

Charles Lark - Father of George, Gwen, Gordie and Grace

Logan Sangre - Red Quadrant

Oalla Keigeri - Atlantean, astra daimon. Yellow Quadrant

Keruvat Ruo - Atlantean, astra daimon. Blue Quadrant

Aeson Kassiopei - Atlantean, astra daimon, Command Pilot. Blue Quadrant

Xelio Vekahat - Atlantean, astra daimon. Red Quadrant

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