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In order of appearance

From Chapter 1 Qualify

US President Katherine Donahue

Carrie Willis (girl from Gwen's class)

Mindy Erikson (Student with flaming red hair)

Nick Warren (football jock)

From Chapter 2 Qualify

Mrs Grayland (homeroom teacher)

Ann Finnbar (Gwen's best friend)

Gary Abbot (student)

Nancy Andrew (student)

Mark Gardner (student and bully)

Jenny Hawls (Mark Gardner's girl friend)

Chris Jasper (Mark and Jenny's friend)

Ms Wayne (from Qualification, she administers the 1st part of the test)

Jeremy Carverson (rude high school student)

Joanie Katz (Logan Sangre's last girlfriend)

Mrs Bayard (teacher with Atlantis Armband)

Mindy Clarence (junior, who is 1st to take the second part of the test)