Used for personal defense by Atlantean Fleet personnel, the Needle Gun is a micro-weapon that was designed for easy concealment and to be quickly drawn when needed. The needle gun is a small, flat weapon, built to be operated with one finger,

The weapon earned its name because of its energy-dispersal pattern; the needle gun fires a series of intense laser pulses in an unusually tight, precise linear pattern that resembles a 'blade' of energy that strikes and penetrates the target. Like most Atlantean energy weapons, the needle gun seems to be most effective on organic materials (such as human flesh) and solid materials with low structural strength (such as clothing fabrics) and designed to not have an explosive effect (superheating tissue to the point of rupture) or to pierce more durable materials (such as the metal hulls of an Ark Ship). The effect of the needle gun on humans is to cause extreme thermal damage to the wound area while cauterizing the entry and exit wounds caused by the 'blade'. From the effect of the weapon (as seen in Compete) the needle gun may be capable of causing [ hydrostatic shock] in a human target, but this has not been confirmed)

A skilled marksman (such as Aeson Kassopei) can use two needle guns with lethal accuracy, speed and effect upon multiple hostile targets.

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