Ripping is the process of flying a spacecraft through the trans-physical field-state known as the Quantum Stream while moving in the opposite direction as the field-state is being generated/directed. (In addition, it would appear that the act of re-entering a QS 'bubble' would also be considered to be 'ripping', as the spacecraft is moving against the extant field-state of the Quantum Stream by the simple fact of re-entry, regardless of the entry vectors of the spacecraft and the change of speeds that would result due to the acceleration or deceleration factors involved due to the constant state of acceleration/deceleration invoked by the Quantum Stream on all objects traveling within any given generated field-state at a given time.)

While not stated directly as such by Vera Nazarian (the author/creator of The Atlantis Grail series), it appears as if the process of 'streaming' is a much more energy-intensive process than its opposite flight maneuver of 'streaming', and is also a much more dangerous flight procedure. Pilots, therefore, are advised to take greater caution during 'ripping' maneuvers, as even slight piloting errors during this period may have catastrophic consequences for themselves and others.

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