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Star Pilot Corps Warships[]

Battle Barge[]

They are the biggest warship class in the SPC Fleet, with a size that is equivalent to four ark-ships. It has 24,000 personnel capacity. It is four times bigger in size because it has to transport hundreds of other warships inside, in addition to personnel. The warships carried inside battle barges can be large sebasarets, which are in turn filled with mid-range transport depets like velo-cruisers and small fighters.

There are only ten of these ships in the SPC fleet. They are all called War, and are numbered War-1 through War-10. Whichever battle barge happens to be carrying the SPC Fleet Commander on board is temporarily designated Depet-Ra.

The ten battle barges are distributed throughout the solar system and are manned by a skeleton crew in times of peace. War-1 and War-2 are stationed in deep space, very far away, on the edges of the heliosphere, beyond Atlas. They are Atlantida's finest ships and they act as the first line of defense upon entrance to Hel's system. War-3 and War-4 are stationed near Olympos. War-5 and War-6 are stationed in deep space beyond Amrevet's orbit. Keep going inward past Atlantis, and the remaining planets get one battle barge each, since less danger is expected from the system interior.


Command ship carrier for ranking officers, military personnel, and other vessels. These ships can be used as transports and command carriers. They have weapons capability, but no guns, only guided missiles. Different combinations of ships can fit inside each sebasaret fighter bay. The bay is designed to hold four ankhurats, or two ankhurats and four khepri, or four khepri and eight ardukats, or eight ardukats and twelve mafdets. One hundred sebasarets can fit inside a battle barge.


It is the solo fighter, the lightest, smallest, fastest, and most agile for air-to-air combat. Only the most experienced Pilots are permitted to fly them. They have two guns, firing capability front and back, and use fine focused plasma bursts for strafing. This type of ship is known as the Needle of Justice.


This is a two-person fighter. They have a Pilot and Co-Pilot working together. There are four guns on board, both fine-focus burst and wide scatter-burst firing capability. It is the most common type of fighter in the SPC Fleet. Most are assigned to fly the ardukats.


The larger, four-Pilot team fighter. It has four guns and uses heavy-caliber artillery, able to eject plasma at a higher density from multiple thick nozzles in each gun. It is also equipped with four guided missiles and armed probes. The khepri is an attack bomber for major targets.


The biggest, heaviest fighter. It has a one hundred personnel crew plus six Pilots, intended for boarding other vessels, plus six heavy-caliber plasma guns and ten missiles. It is nicknamed Ankh, the Life Giver.

Imperial Fleet Ships[]


Civilian Ships[]

Solo Shuttle[]

About the same size as a mafdet.


Minor weapons capability, but that is not their primary function. A standard seven-seat civilian shuttle is slightly larger than an ardukat.


Halfway between an ankhurat and a khepri in size.